The Process

Each Rescued Animal is made from individual materials, sewn and stuffed by hand right in the heart of Greensboro, NC

First, we pick a template based on the animal. All animals are unique, and so is the way that they're made! Though we use templates, each animal is unique based on the fine details added later!

Then, carefully and methodically, we delicately cut each individual piece from fabric purchased in our local community (spots, noses, ears and more!).

Next, each piece is lovingly and meticulously sewn together. This is where your stuffed animal really starts taking shape!

Before the animal is complete, we need to add the stuffing! Each animal is individually hand-stuffed by our artisan.

Finally, we complete the animal, add the finer details, and your animal is almost ready for adoption!


Before it is ready for "adoptions": An imaginative name and backstory for each animal is created upon completion, and a unique Itty Bitty Animal is born!